beWell Water – drink healthier


Sip by sip, forget the world. Without bottles, without packaging, pure tap water (the best-monitored food) is tastefully refined, finely filtered and mineralised with magnesium using unique technology with BWT filter systems. Our beWell water not only makes it easier to achieve your recommended daily intake of magnesium, but also to enjoy synergy effects thanks to vibrant freshness: quench thirst and replenish mineral levels in one! Clear, fresh and calorie-free. Pleasure in a glass or carafe. Sustainable and with impeccable ecological credentials, with no procurement, warehouse or disposal logistics. At the touch of a button any time! 24/7.


Water is the foundation of healthy well-being and fitness. The human body is 70 % water. to maintain this feel-good value and achieve physical and mental balance, it’s important to drink 1.5–2.5 litres of water a day – preferably mineralised beWell table water: fresh, sparkling, chilled, still or fine bubbles in the mix.

Drunk daily, this ideal amount, also recommended by doctors, reduces the negative effects of stress on the heart and stomach, regulates body temperature, boosts circulation, prevents renal disorders and supplies the body with valuable minerals. Water also gives a boost of freshness to your skin. It’s the most accessible beauty elixir.

Sana per Aqua, health through water. Pure, clean and safe. Drinking made fun, which simply does you good and everyone can see it.