Vitamin +15 Essences – Essence to life!

Our essences are genuine superfluids from superfruits, working as nutritional supplement drinks with vitamins and minerals. Our +15 Essences contain valuable plant extracts that vitalise in an incredibly flavourful way and taste so good you’ll definitely be back for more. They are packed full of important vitamin C antioxidants, the important vitamins B-E and are free from artificial preservatives, colours and sweeteners, and contain no alcohol or industrial sugar. As a result, each of our 4 vegan varieties taste wonderfully light and refreshing.

Mix your Drink – as you like.

Do you love refreshingly cool, sparkling fruity drinks or do you prefer still drinks? Our Mix your Drink system satisfies your needs.

With 1 shot of essence and 9 parts mineralised table water, our natural, nutritional essences transform into the drink of your choice. Just 100 ml of a beWell drink supply 15 % NRV of your recommended daily intake of the respective essential vitamins.


Green Hope +15

Green Hope

Cucumber, mint
Green, fresh and cheerful sum up the essence “Green Hope”. Its many vitamins are a true health and beauty treasure trove that refresh, energise and vitalise your body.

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Herb Happinez +15

Herb Happinez

Green tea, ginseng, moringa
Herb Happinez is elegant with slightly bitter, but tangy notes, leaving an immediate, uniquely vibrant feeling of freshness in your mouth.

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Pink Positive +15

Pink Positive

Grapefruit, moringa
Fresh and fruity, bittersweet and a tart energy booster, “Pink Positive” thrills your taste buds, frees your mind and gives free rein to your imagination.

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Body Guard +15

Body Guard

Lime, ginger, olive leaf extract
Refreshingly tangy, slightly tart immune booster that can help and strengthen your immune system and that truly lives up to its name.

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