Compact water dispenser
+ 2 wellness drinks

AQA essenza 20+2

The new lifestyle drink system.
3 fresh water options – 20 l/h.
2 vitamin-rich fruity essences.
All Drinks zo choose from:
still, chilled or sparkling.
For offices, spas, hotels.

Perfect water dispenser and lifestyle drink system.

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Water dispenser station
+ 4 wellness drinks

AQA essenza 30+4

The cool QUBE with touchscreen
2 water options – 30 l/h.
4 vitamin-rich fruity essences.
All Drinks to choose from:
still cold, sparkling cold, still
For large offices, hotels, catering

Elegant drink system that adapts to any setting.

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Water dispenser

AQA drink Magnesio

4 refreshing models from small to large. Offer 3 preparation options: still, chilled or sparkling.
The beneficial basis for physical balance and regeneration. Ecological and economical in the best sense.

Compact unit connected to mains water for moderate water consumption

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The complete drink supply station with base unit.

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Modern unit of high-quality stainless steel for moderate water consumption

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Ideal machine for areas with high water consumption

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Six unrivalled and unique advantages of our beWell systems:



Light attracts people
With attractive illuminated front, colour display with appealing motif or touchscreen. Pleasing to the eye too.


Environment first
That’s our philosophy, because you get up to 50 drinks from just one pack of our natural essences and instant products. 1 bottle or pouch instead of 50! This means less rubbish and is kind to the environment. The CO2 bottles are refillable, with natural CO2 on request.


Payment choice
beWell Essenza models are ready for anything: pay how you want! by card, coins or by phone.


Security service
Our special Care filters are radical bacteria catchers. Our safety standard for pure, healthy water.


Save the energy
Our consumption values are Olympic. Like examples? Up to 50 % cheaper, energy-saving values in permanent use. Our new Direct-Chill-Unit for the AQA Magnesio 20 and AQA Essenza 20+2 guarantees water chilled to 4 degrees in record time every time: from 0 to 100 in 20 minutes. Who beats that?


The best close at hand
We are offering lots of new cost-effective service options with the telemetric system of our Essenza series. Whether first aid, remote maintenance, a reset, filter check or new dosage or temperature settings etc., tm.on can handle it. Immediate assistance guaranteed. Now, always and everywhere.